Helping Others to Heal

“As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else.” – Maya Angelou The late writer and philosopher Maya Angelou was a proponent of what has become known as “Pay It Forward.”  This is the concept that says when someone is kind to you or...

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And Then You Stand

“When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, our story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else.” Dr. E.A. Ross, the pastor of Asia Cottom’s church, shared his thoughts on how her death affected those around her. “My hope and...

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Find Positivity Through Tragedy

From Tragedy Comes Grace “I may never know the answers to the questions that plagued me after 9/11. But I know if we can lean on God and each other we will be guided to a better , brighter future.” Michael Hingson 9/11 Survivor When Michelle Cottom speaks of the...

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