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Asia SiVon Cottom, 11, was one of three DC Public School students who died on American Airlines Flight 77 when it crashed into the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001. No parent imagines losing a child and no parent is prepared to move on in life without them. Dealing with the loss of their daughter was indescribable for Clifton and Michelle Cottom. As part of their own healing, they have chosen to help others who may be experiencing the same.
As speakers, Dr. Michelle Cottom and Mr. Clifton Cottom talk with small groups and large audiences, sharing their story and helping those experiencing loss, group tragedy, and grief in the public eye how to navigate through it. Their goal is to share their experience, provide coping skills, and bring healing, comfort and relief to those who are experiencing loss. They offer compassion to help others come to a place of acceptance, when trying to make sense of suffering great loss.

With a Masters Degree in Counselling/Grief Counselling and based on Dr. Michelle Cottom’s personal experience of loss, she is passionate about helping others have the tools, resources and coping skills in the case of loss, grief, or trauma whether for themselves or for those around them. Mr. Clifton Cottom’s specific passion is to Men who have suffered grief and loss. His motto: “It’s Alright to Cry”.


♦ Healing After Loss
♦ When Loss Affects A Community And How To Cope
♦ Grief In The Workplace
♦ Group Disaster, Tragedy, And Loss
♦ Coping With Loss In The Public Eye


♦ Loss Of A Child And Family Bereavement
♦ Strengthening A Marriage After The Death Af A Child
♦ Crisis Of Faith – Bereaved But Still Blessed
♦ How To Come To A Place of Acceptance, When Trying To Make Sense Of Suffering Great Loss
♦ Turning Grief Into Positive Influence


Clifton and Michelle Cottom

Keynote and Workshop Speakers


For Businesses, Associations, Groups, and Ministries, with a strong interest towards Education and Schools.

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