Asia Cottom’s family believes that by helping today’s youth become tomorrow’s leaders, they are helping to preserve Asia’s memory as well as make the world a better place for the future. Asia’s death is not in vain; her life continues to touch others through this scholarship program. These are a few of the Asia SiVon Cottom Memorial Scholarship Fund Recipients.
Asia SiVon Cottom Memorial Scholarship Recipients

2023 Recipients

Tom Prior – Freshman Recipient
Lily Sowle – Freshman Recipient
Daniel Samuel – Sophomore Recipient
Whitney Watson – Junior Recipient
Lilleana Watson – Senior Recipient

2022 Recipients

Daniel Samuel – Freshman Recipient
Whitney Watson – Sophomore Recipient
Lilleana Watson – Junior Recipient
Jeremiah Samuel – Senior Recipient
Destiny McKenzie – Senior Recipient

2021 Recipients

Whitney Watson – Freshman Recipient
Lilleana Watson – Sophomore Recipient
Jeremiah Samuel – Junior Recipient
Destiny McKenzie – Junior Recipient
Jazmine McQueen – Senior Recipient
Jai Bitsoih – Senior Recipient
Divya Lahori – Graduate Recipient

2020 Recipients

Lilleana Watson – Freshman Recipient
Destiny McKenzie – Sophomore Recipient
Jeremiah Samuel – Sophomore Recipient
Divya Lahori – Junior Recipient
Jazmine McQueen – Junior Recipient
Jai Bitsoih – Junior Recipient
Kathryn Buchanan – Graduate Recipient

2018 Recipients

Jazmine McQueen & Jai Bitsoih  – Freshman Recipients
Evan Davros & Luke Rawlings – Junior Recipients
Tracy Edwards -Senior Recipient
Christine Edomwande- Graduate Recipient

2017 Recipients

Mahima Rahman – Freshman Recipient
Divya Lahori – Sophomore Recipient
Julian T. Vitto – Junior Recipient
Ryan N. Boa -Senior Recipient
Kathryn A. Buchanan – Graduate Recipient

2016 Recipients

Terrence Rozier – Freshman – Alabama State University
Alliyah Jamison – Freshman – Morgan State University

2015 Recipients

Herbert H. Jackson III – Howard U School of Divinity (Graduate)
Jackie Alston – NC A&T (Freshman)
Andrea Sheard – UDC (Senior)
Keith Young – Kennesaw State (Sophomore)
Daisha Morris – Xavier University (Junior)

2014 Recipients

Cheyenne Comfort – Freshman – Penn Hazleton
Daisha Morris – Sophomore – Xavier University
Alexis Alexander – Freshman – Towson University

2013 Recipients

Nylah Burton – Freshman – Howard University
Nykia Shepard – Freshman – Stevenson University
Keturah Wallace – Freshman – Johnson C. Smith University

2012 Recipients

Marielle Eldridge – Freshman – Fisk University

2011 Recipients

Akilah Grimes – Graduate Student – Hampton University (B.S., Biology), 2011 East Carolina University
Michael A. Miller, Jr. – Glenville State College, West Virginia

2010 Recipients

Herbert Jackson III – Freshman – Virginia Union University (2014-B.A., Religious Studies)
Milton Jenkins – Freshman – Shaw University
India Minor – Freshman – Towson University (2014-B.A., Deaf Studies)
Brittany Woodfolk – Junior– University of Virginia

2009 Recipients

Niya Lewis – Hampton University (2013-B.A., Psychology)

2008 Recipients

Lawrence J.B. Pulliam – Montgomery College (2010-A.A., Simulation and Digital Entertainment)
University of Baltimore – Shady Grove (2010 – ongoing, B.A., Media Design and Animation)

2005 Recipients

April Harvey – Howard University (2009 – B.S., Sports Medicine)

2002 Recipients

Paula Spruill – Virginia Tech (2006 – B.S., Industrial & Systems Engineering; Business, Minor)
Franklin Pierce Law Center (Now University of New Hampshire School of Law) (2009 – Juris Doctor)

Toxan Tanner – Howard University (2006 – B.S., Psychology; Human Development, Minor)
Trinity College (2011-M.A., Teaching & Elementary Education)

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